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Enabling the Digital Journey

What is the Digital Angel Network?

There is an overwhelming amount of support in Mecklenburg County to create digital equity, as well as increase digital literacy amongst our citizens. There is also an overwhelming need. The Digital Angels Network connects the digital demand (schools, community organizations, non-profits and individuals) with the digital supply—the technology, training, career, and funding resources.

Digital Literacy & Digital Equity

Imagine waking up in the morning, rolling over and looking at…your alarm clock, or the wall of your bedroom, or the stranger you slept next to at the shelter last night. For so many of us, the first thing we look at in the morning is our phone, connected to all our sources of news, media, and our social network. We hardly remember a time when we weren’t constantly connected or on-line. Our fellow Mecklenburg citizens who are instead, disconnected, are at an unfair disadvantage and each one of us in the position to help.

You may hear the terms “digital equity and digital literacy” and think they are simply buzz words to catch the ears of voters in an upcoming election, but they are real issues facing our county today and if we don’t do something, they will paralyze the growth of our county and it's citizens in the future.

Digital equity simply means each citizen, regardless of income, race, sexual orientation, or love of knee socks, has EQUAL access to technology. Take it one step further and you have digital literacy. Not only must people have access to technology, they must also have access to the tools and resources to learn how to utilize that technology at the basic, intermediate and advanced level, based on their personal preferences, needs, and interest. Lack of technology shouldn’t be the limiting factor in someone’s path to a successful future and financial freedom.

How It Works

A school or other non-profit serving students and families with digital opportunity requests help from Digital Angels.

Our consultants reach out to our network of Digital Angels to identify the appropriate contributors to sponsor the project.

Our consultants connect with the requestor and the network to plan and execute the project.

Who We Work With

Digital Angels partners with other non-profits, schools and individual families to bring them technology, hardware and technology education to those they serve.

digital equity

The Three Critical Components to Achieving Digital Equity:

Connectivity – Must connect to the internet with a reliable high-speed connection

Hardware – Must have a device that connects to the internet and provides a suitable user experience to complete schoolwork, apply for jobs, do research, etc.

Digital Literacy – Digital Literacy includes: Usage, Careers, & Education

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