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The Opportunity

To be able to compete and thrive in the digital economy, access to technology and digital literacy are a must. Unfortunately, there are many people in our community who are getting left behind due to their lack of financial ability to pay for internet access, purchase a device, and obtain the necessary education that is needed to compete for the jobs that will greatly improve their financial position.

The journey that begins with technology access and culminates with a good paying job is one that is challenging to do alone. We believe that having a DIGTAL ANGEL to enable this journey significantly increases the odds of success.

Our Approach


We partner with community organizations and non-profits to identify potential candidates for our programs


Interested candidates attend the Digital Angels Introduction to Digital Literacy Session to determine if they are interested in taking the next step of enrolling in the Digital Angels Digital Boot Camp Program.


Students enroll in the Digital Angels Digital Boot Camp to obtain critical digital literacy skills, be exposed to career options leveraging technology, and be provided with a computer and connectivity access, if needed. In addition, all attendees are assigned a mentor to help them through the program.


For those who complete the Digital Boot Camp and show an interest in continuing their technology education and leveraging technology in a future career, they are enrolled in the Digital Angels Education and Career Mentorship Program. They will work with their mentor and participate in programs to identify a field of interest to pursue, map out a plan to achieve their goals, and obtain guidance and support as they execute the on their defined plan.


We define success when our students complete our program, obtain the training and education needed to achieve their goals, and ultimately secure full time employment in their chosen career.

Who We Work With

Digital Angels partners with other non-profits, schools and individual families to bring them technology, hardware and technology education to those they serve.

digital equity

The Three Critical Components to Achieving Digital Equity:

Connectivity – Must connect to the internet with a reliable high-speed connection

Hardware – Must have a device that connects to the internet and provides a suitable user experience to complete schoolwork, apply for jobs, do research, etc.

Digital Literacy – Digital Literacy includes: Usage, Careers, & Education

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