Elon Homes Phase 1

Location: Elon Homes | 617 N. Summit Ave, Charlotte, NC 28216

Project Overview

Elon Homes helps children from disadvantaged circumstances gain the hope, healing, and education they need to thrive in the world today. They offer traditional community-based foster care, as well as campus-based residential programs for individuals age 0-21. This project supports the newly-opened youth dormitory, which houses 18-21 year old young men who have aged out of foster care but still need community support as they transition to adulthood. Without the dormitory, many of these young men would be homeless. The residents are required to be in school, pursuing job training, or employed.

This first project between Digital Angels and Elon homes upgraded four computers in the men’s residents’ computer room, provided personal laptops to ten additional residents. In addition, Digital Angels provided basic computer training to those residents who receive a new laptop.

Digital Angels will be partnered with another local non-profit, E2D, which provided us with low-cost refurbished laptops for the residents and staff at Elon homes.