Elon Homes Phase 1

Location: Elon Homes | 617 N. Summit Ave, Charlotte, NC 28216

Project Overview

Elon Homes helps children from disadvantaged circumstances gain the hope, healing, and education they need to thrive in the world today. They offer traditional community based foster care as well as campus based residential programs for children 0-21. This project is focused on supporting the newly open youth dormitory that houses 18-21 year-old young men who have aged out of foster care but still need community support as they transition to adulthood. Without the dormitory, many of these young men would be homeless. The residents are required to be in school, be pursing job training, or be employed.

This first project between Digital Angels and Elon homes will be to upgrade the computers in the computer room for the residents, provide personal laptops to specific residents, provide additional laptops to the staff, and to improve the wireless coverage in the dormitory. In addition, Digital Angels will be proving basic computer training to the residents who are receiving a new laptop.

We will be partnering with another local non profit, E2D, who will be providing us low cost refurbished labtops for the residents and staff at Elon homes.

Digital Angels will hold a “Technology Day” with Elon Homes. On this day, we will distribute the computers, conduct the training, and provide lunch for the staff and residents. In addition, this day will provide excellent visibility for the sponsoring Digital Angel as well and hopefully the sponsoring Digital Angel will provide a representative to attend in person.

Elon Homes is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) corporation so all donations made for this project will be tax deductible.

Project Leadership

Project Lead: Allen Hackman
Technical Lead: Nick Idol
Client Sponsor: Amanda Hollingsworth

Project Assets Required

Desktops for Computer Lab, including CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and mouse 4
Laptops- Residents 5-10
Computer Accessories - Laptop Bags, Thumb Drive, etc. 5-10
Laptops – Staff 3

Desired Outcomes

The desired outcomes of this first phase project with Elon homes is to:

1. All Residents Graduate

Provide the residents with adequate access to computers to allow them to be successful in their pursuit of their ongoing education in order to enable them to complete high school, trade school, or college level coursework.

2. All Residents Find Careers and Get Jobs

Provide the residents access to the internet to begin their career search, apply for jobs, build and maintain a LinkedIn profile, and create and store a resume.

3. The Staff is More Productive

Provide the staff with the access to a computer so they can successful deliver on the mission of Elon Homes

4. All Residents Become Computer Proficient

Provide the residents with the skills needed to use their computers, be productive with them, and be aware of the risks and dangers of the internet.