Our Programs

There are multiple levels in the digital learning path: getting online, leveraging technology for personal and professional use, and making a career out of technology. Our programs address each one of these levels.

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Introduction to Digital Literacy overviews the importance of digital literacy and provides a plan for how to start on the journey towards achieving it. This program is designed for individuals who know they need to improve their digital literacy skills, for either personal or professional use, but are not sure how or where to begin and/or do not have access to the resources to do so. This 1 ½ - 2 hour session exposes the attendees to all of the key elements of digital literacy, teaches them how to start on their digital literacy journey, and highlights the various resources in the community and online that are available to help them.

This session will also be used to determine if attendees are interested in furthering their digital literacy by attending the Digital Angels Digital Boot Camp program.
For those who complete the Digital Angels (or equivalent) Digital Boot Camp and are interested in pursuing further education and/or in need of career guidance, an Education and Career Mentor will be assigned. Program components include:
  1. Education & Career Mentor – Mentor will assist in identifying career options, develop education plans, set goals, align community resources as needed, and ensure the mentee continues on their journey and achieves their education and career goals.
  2. Education and Career Group Training – For all mentees enrolled in our program, we will offer various group-training programs delivered either by Digital Angels or a partner. These programs will include:
    • Career-planning focused programs such as networking, resume writing, interviewing skills, and career opportunity awareness.
    • Technical/Computer-based training programs such as Microsoft Office, web design, software development, computer security, etc.
  3. Scholarships - For those mentees who show academic achievement, drive, and success in the mentorship program, Digital Angels will provide a scholarship to partially or fully cover the costs of secondary education at a 2- or 4-year degree program.
  4. Internships – In partnership with local employees, mentees will be placed into internship programs for their chosen technology career path.